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Welcome to Kingdom of Sticks, my community garden world.


Walking into a community garden can be the start of a transformative journey or a foundational moment in making new connections with our surroundings, our community and ourselves. Here, we can connect authentically and meaningfully. 
''A community garden is a bit like a magicians hat; what ever you need from it, it's in there somewhere, waiting to be drawn out!''
Please look around and get in touch if you wish to explore some outdoor engagement activities.
Rebecca Twigg



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Community Garden and Green Space  


My experience in community garden planning means I can help deliver a community project, from layout to activity.


Within any green space, there are opportunities for meaningful, spiritually restorative activities

Get in touch to discuss your own 

'get-away' day or one-off activity.

Wildlife Garden Planning

I have 30+ years of knowledge about setting up gardens that really work for wildlife, focussing on specific species or a wide range for well balanced garden ecology.

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Walking is one of my life long pleasures. I offer gentle ‘Walk-shops’ to help engage the mind, body and spirit in the sanctuary of the outdoors.

Adult Workshops

Get in touch to discuss your group needs. I have a range of workshops that can be tailored to promote wellness or practical skills and wildlife knowledge.

Pollinator Care Plans

I can work with your garden plants list to 

identify likely pollinators in your space and produce a care plan to keep them healthy and thriving.




Visit my projects page by clicking the link below.
I hope you find some inspiration to develop your own initiative.


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Rebecca Twigg

Wildlife trails and workshops

Community garden planning

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