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Green Spaces and Wellness for People, Planet & Pollinators


Welcome to Kingdom of Sticks

Please look around and get in touch if you wish to develop a community garden, therapeutic horticulture programme or engagement idea for your site or participants.

Rebecca Twigg


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Community garden

and green space  


Social and therapeutic horticulture programmes

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Wildlife gardens and engagement programmes

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Walk-shops and wildlife  trails

Talks and presentations

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Pollinator Care Plans


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Visit my projects page by clicking the link below.
I hope you find some inspiration to develop your own initiative.

"Becky's professionalism and enthusiasm has been absolutely key to the ongoing success and the development of the veterans through her in depth and fascinating knowledge around horticulture and the outdoors. Becky presents the horticulture theme in a unique and dynamic way that engages those involved with concentrated interest, irrespective of the intense situations they find themselves in." 

- Arundells House, Boots on the ground project



Rebecca Twigg

Wildlife trails and workshops

Community garden planning

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