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Welcome to Kingdom of Sticks, my community garden world.


Walking into a community garden can be the start of a transformative journey or a foundational moment in making new connections. This is one of the only places I know of that can truly level people and have us connect authentically and meaningfully.  A community garden has a magical way of shining a light on the things we need and providing opportunities to find them. If you need to slow down, a bird will appear in front of you, causing you to stop and watch. If you need connection and laughter, the garden will provide that too. In my opinion, there is almost no limit to the power of a community green space, to heal, grow, explore, stop and learn.



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Community Garden 


My experience in community garden planning means I can help deliver a community project, from start to finish. 

Social Therapeutic 


Within the community garden environment there are numerous opportunities to slowly support people in a meaningful, healing and well-being journey.

Workshops for Small People

I work creatively with children to help them connect with nature. We focus on slowing down, getting messy and immersive imaginative play.

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Walking is one of my life long pleasures. I offer gentle ‘Walk-shops’ to help engage the mind, body and spirit in the sanctuary of the outdoors.

Adult Workshops

Get in touch to discuss various ideas for workshops designed for adults. I have a range of workshops that can be tailored to promote wellness or practical skills and wildlife knowledge.

Pollinator Care Plans

I can work with your garden plants list to 

identify likely pollinators in your space and produce a care plan to keep them healthy and thriving.




Visit my projects page by clicking the link below.
I hope you find some inspiration to develop your own initiative.


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Rebecca Twigg

Wildlife trails and workshops

Community garden planning

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