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I create community gardens, from workshops to complete garden plans. These focus on slow gardening, strong community connections, creative activity and grass roots action for the planet.


My skills in this multi faceted arena have been shaped by a series of life long passions and targeted training to give me the knowledge to assess and plan a space and make it work for the community via opportunities for education, action and engagement. I can lead a complete project including managing grant funded projects or I can create a specific focus within an existing  plan to help achieve an outcome.

It is my love of the interesting and dynamic interactions that these spaces facilitate, between people, plants  and place, and the scope for creativity and uniqueness that I really love!

Social prescribers: I am currently training in STH and will offer activities within this realm in the future. Currently I can only offer places in community gardens that rely on self guided and managed participation.

This is a newly planted raised bed at Arundells. The new shoots and first leaves were for some of our participants, the very first thing they had ever grown. 


A garden setting invites people to slow down and forget about all the things they are otherwise permanently plugged into. People are drawn to talk, laugh, breathe, look, connect and decompress. The subtle but deep effects of this, over time, are lasting and utterly life changing for some.

This is why I advocate for real initiatives and will only take a project on that is born out of genuine interest and passion; for community well-being and resilience.

Rebecca Twigg

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Rebecca Twigg

Wildlife trails and workshops

Community garden planning

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