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 I create community gardens, from workshops to complete garden plans.

 These focus on slow gardening, strong community connections, creative activity and grass roots action for the planet. 

My skills in this multi faceted arena have been shaped by a series of life long passions including doing courses in horticultural therapy, wildlife gardens and planning, a keen interest in social sciences, art and lots of community well-being projects. This experience positions me really well to execute the practical side of the community space, but also to create programmes of activity to support well-being and connections within a 'green care' model. Community gardens are all about the people that use them and I always say that they grow people and plants! It is my love of the interesting and dynamic interactions that these spaces facilitate, that gets me up in the morning.

We all talk about green care and social prescribing these days and we know what the science tells us, but very few people are lucky enough to really see the impact of sustained and slow activity outdoors. In a safe group setting, I have seen peoples lives transform in ways that are quite profound. Slowly, nervous systems are calmed, friendships are made and life is exponentially improved, especially where connections with other human beings are needed. These connections are essential for every human being and as we rapidly lose opportunities to connect face to face; the value of these spaces increases, in my opinion.


A garden setting invites people to slow down and forget about all the things they are otherwise permanently plugged into. People are drawn to talk, laugh, breathe, look, connect and decompress. The subtle but deep effects of this, over time, are lasting and utterly life changing for some. This is why I advocate for real initiatives and will only take a project on that is born out of genuine interest and passion, for community
well-being and resilience.

Rebecca Twigg

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Rebecca Twigg




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