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Consultancy Pollinators for garden designers, stately homes, parks and private spaces add real value and a hugely relevant environmental element to your planting plan. By enlisting me to study your plant species proposal, I can produce a probable pollinator species list that will visit your plants. This will give you a deep layer of knowledge about how the new garden will serve the pollinator community. Having a garden 'pollinator plan' will really engage your clients and give them another reason to love your design!

Based on data and studies done by bee specialists, universities and other agencies across Europe and UK.Plants, over wintering spaces and nesting areas will be identified for a clear and helpful focus to support your design.

A bee identification and resource sheet will be integral to the 'pollinator pack' so your client can kick start some learning, bypassing all the misinformation and revealing some amazing facts and tips that DO help pollinators!

Setting up a community garden

Do you want to set up a successful thriving community garden, that serves your community, wildlife and the planet? I take you through the process step by step to help you have the best chances to succeed, using my Secret Garden model.

Public  projects

Get in touch for help forming an idea that has the greatest chances of getting funded, based on years of experience in events, I will help you tick all the boxes that are essential when bidding for funding for your idea. 

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