Secret Garden St Clements
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St Clements Church yard 

 Named as one of the best educational spaces about bees by both the Telegraph and Friends of the Earth.

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Our volunteering season usually starts some time in April, we do three Fridays and one Sunday a month at the space.




Planned and initiated by myself in 2015 and then formed as a C.I.C soon after, with a group of directors, we promote planet friendly gardens and life styles with a  big focus on the arts and people too!

UPDATE - We will share news on re-opening on our Facebook page as the Covid crisis dictates.

Come to one of our fund raising talks on an open day, to find out about the fascinating history of the St Clements Church yard site!

Archaeologist Steve Webster who is now one of our team, tells of a grizzly and rich history of this site that goes way back to the beginning of early Salisbury history.


There are many residents at St Clements and we show our monthly visitors how to look after wildlife and create diversity in their own gardens.


90% of what we needed to set up this garden has been either made, donated, upcycled or re-purposed.

We make our own compost and plant feed, collect our own plant seeds and have a very low impact on the planet in general.

I also hold talks and activities to inspire others to embrace the idea of pre-loved goods, from wheelbarrows to washing machines! 


A very large part of the mission at this community garden is to educate people about pollinators and as well as the award winning Bee Trail I created and launched in 2015, talks and workshops and practical activities have been integral to the format of the monthly offerings at the space.

Hundreds of people have now been inspired to take this education on, to start other projects in the public, private gardens and schools.