The Secret Garden Salisbury

A C.I.C community garden I opened in 2015, set in a rambling and wild city church yard (St Clements) promoting conservation of wild bee species, birds, beetles and other wild things and encouraging community action to protect them. Named as one of the best educational spaces about bees by both the Telegraph and Friends of the Earth.

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Our volunteering season usually starts some time in April, we do three Fridays and one Sunday a month at the space.

Visit us on an 'Open Day'

 We hold regular fundraising open days, with activities, workshops and talks, once a month.

Open days this year 2020 are -

Sunday 3rd May 12-4pm

Sunday 7th June 12-4pm

Sunday 5th July 12-4pm

Sunday 2nd August 12-4pm

Sunday 6th September 12-4pm

Sunday 4th October 12-4pm 

*Please note - We are fully out in the open with no cover, so please see the Facebook page for weather updates on the day.

Again, because of the site, we do not have loos.

There are some steps into the site, please get in touch before your visit if you need help with access.

St Clements Church yard 

 You will discover gravestones which hint at stories of the city as it was in the past, as you wander around the previously un-used space, it is an ongoing mission to identify and record the stones, some of which are in very bad repair or moved, dumped and broken over the years. Why not attend a History talk with one of our board members (and archaeologist) Steve Webster, to hear about the sometimes gruesome and gritty past of St Clements and 'Fisherton Anger'. All talks and activities are listed on the Facebook page events.



We tend the church yard to encourage wild visitors and you will always be able to ask our advice on how you can do this in your own garden too.

It goes without saying that we do not use any chemical concoctions, plant or bug sprays in this truly wildlife friendly space.

Bees: You can learn far more about what makes a bee vulnerable and how to help, here, than a lot of other sources, because we did our homework and know about the science! Come in and start to really be able to understand and help bees, or inquire about having a bee talk with your group or school.


Thanks to the volunteer team who come in weekly to gently tend the space, ramble with the brambles and give power to the flowers!

Volunteers come along 3 or 4 times a month between April - October and have the opportunity to learn lots about wildlife as we tend the wild space in support of nature.

Thanks to the board members:

Paul Howland

Steve Webster

Daniel Kronenberg

Moura MacDonagh (meetings)

Thanks to my operations team Simon Parker and Jane Coombes for helping to plan and plot.


Partners, projects, sponsors and funders -

Salisbury City Council

Wiltshire Council

Laverstock and Ford Parish Council

The Species Recovery Trust

Downton Green Group

Friends of The Moot

Victoria Park Salisbury

Alabare Salisbury

Trussell Trust Salisbury

Glover & Smith

Culture Coffee Salisbury

Garden event support:

Spencer Mulholland Photography

Downton Chamber Voices

Regular news:

Wilton Your Valley News

Salisbury Life

BBC Wiltshire