Trail stop number 13 - St Andrews School project

Learn more about the Common carder bee here.


In this joint project to produce an extra Bee Trail point, I got together with St Andrews School in Laverstock. First we looked at pollinators in general with an outdoor 'Bee Safari' in the school grounds to observe and notice how different pollinators are from each other. Then we got creative and let our imaginations run wild as we looked at our chosen pollinator, the Common Carder Bee, which became inspiration for some wonderful artwork by the students.

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the wider Boardwalk project at Whitebridge Spinney, where the bee trail sign has been placed.

See more about the Boardwalk project in general here or go to the Laverstock and Ford Facebook page for up to date news.

Students art work - See some of the Bee art that the children produced during my time with them, in the Bee Trail App when you get to this trail point!

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Trail stop number 14 - Castle Hill Country Park 

Learn about The Six-spot Burnet Moth here.

In this project where the ambition was to have a new Bee Trail point on the site of the new Castle Hill Country Park, I was to link my Bee Trail up with artist Kerry Lemons art installation waymarkers, that reside around the site.
Liaising with the country park team, I have used one of the striking black and white waymarker images, designed by Kerry, as our image on this 14th bee trail sign.
So instead of finding a bee image, you will find something quite different!
You will still learn about a pollinator at this site though, but this time it is a moth, to reflect the diversity of species, many that can be found on the Castle Hill Country Park site. I am delighted to have worked on this project, again funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the wider project.
Please see some of Kerrys waymarker images below, which you can search for in person, around Castle Hill Country Park while looking for the Bee Trail sign.
(The Bee Trail sign has the 3rd image, as depicted below, on it).
Details of where this Bee Trail stop actually is on the site, can be found here.

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