Kingdom of Sticks is all about inspiring people to connect with and protect nature. 

I facilitate entry and mid level learning around wildlife, gardens and the environment to support that connection and I have created and kick started a number of wildlife, garden and green space initiatives in the Salisbury area and further beyond including my award winning Bee Trail.  I weave the arts and creativity into everything I do and try to suggest 'seeing' things with new eyes to show this subject as beautiful, fun and fascinating.

I have learned that nature offers the answers to many of our modern-day issues, it provides peace, solitude and inspiration, so protecting it benefits us too. The closer we get, the better we feel!

Building a Kingdom from sticks also describes a metaphor for re-thinking what we really value, how we build our lives; treading lightly to leave as little trace on the planet as we can and I also add strong focus on subjects like recycling, re-using and sustainability in and out of doors.

Now, as research is being published year on year to provide evidence that being in natural environments improves our health and well-being, with terms like 'Social Prescribing' being used more and more often, I think we could all start to build with nature as our inspiration for a good life! - Rebecca Twigg