Kingdom of Sticks is all about connecting with nature and through that; ourselves, so I facilitate entry and mid level learning around nature, gardens and the environment to support that connection. I have learned to appreciate that nature offers the answers to many of our modern-day issues, it provides peace, solitude, education and inspiration, so this is a subject that benefits both us and the things we share the planet with.  Importantly, nature can elevate us to a place of beauty within our minds and my belief is that proximity to the clarity and truth of nature and therefore it's beauty, directly affects our well being and resilience, so there are no losers once we really start to care for the things around us. Building a Kingdom from sticks also describes a metaphor for re-thinking what we really value, how we build our lives; treading lightly to leave as little trace on the planet as we can. Now, as research is being published every week to provide evidence that being in natural environments improves our health and well-being, with terms like 'Social Prescribing' being used more and more often, I think we could all start to build with nature as our inspiration for a good life! - Rebecca Twigg


My projects include: Salisbury Bee Trail, The Secret Garden; a community garden in Salisbury, The Bees Knees UK online community, The Better Bee Box project and more.

Services -
Consultations for garden designers
Consultations for new community garden set-up
Educational wild plant walks
Bee Trail - for your green space