St Clements, Salisbury

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A community space I launched in 2015, under the name of 'The Secret Garden' and on the site of a very old city church yard 'St Clements' in Salisbury. In order to launch this and raise funds to create events and so on, I agreed on some guidelines with the city council and formed a small team to create a C.I.C company, to gently tend the space and allow the local community to come and visit. The company has allowed me to really get creative with wildlife education, resulting in winning some awards, particularly around pollinators (See my Bee Trail page).

In normal times we do loads of events and talks and workshops about wildlife, ecology, art and community and the occasional foray into the history of the site too, but essentially this is a project set up to promote sustainability and the natural world.

COVID - due to the pandemic, this site is closed until further notice.

See the photo gallery going back to 2015, updates, news and events info about St Clements (and more recently my new 5 rivers garden project) here on Facebook.