It has been very up and down with plans and timings and deadlines but now I have started the ground work during lock down 2020 and am needing to hear from anyone who would like to get involved, as we move ahead towards planting.

This garden project will be somewhat different and much more formal than my first community space; the wild St Clement's church yard on Mill rd, Salisbury, which is not really a 'garden' but a place to celebrate wildlife and community connections. This new project I am creating at Five Rivers Health and Well-being Centre will be the same ethos but more formal to look at; as digging is allowed here unlike the church yard space! 

It will still focus heavily on being organic and wildlife friendly with loads of opportunities for community to connect and to learn about helping the planet too! 

The three green spaces outside of the Five Rivers Centre main doors, will slowly transform with the pace and energy of the volunteers, so do email me at to get involved.  

Phase 1 of this project is kick started with a grant from Wiltshire area board, so thank you to all those that value my vision and efforts in this area of community work. Donations are very much still needed though, as there is much more to be done.

Phases - I have three plots on this site and each will be done in separate phases around available funding.

Phase 1 - Plot 1 - Ground work and professional services. Plant donations. Assemble a regular volunteer team. Funding for this is from Wilts Area Board.

Phase 2 - Plot 1 - Planting in Autumn 2020. Gardening volunteers involvement (team)

Phase 3 - Plot 2 and 3 - Depending on a new pot of funding I will now go forward to create the area of the garden that can offer involvement opportunities to wider community groups. 

Work should start on plots 2 and 3 by Autumn 2021 (funding dependent) and then I will start to invite wider groups to come along and get involved at that time.

If you have a question about specific groups, please email me on the separate email address of

Photos of the project development will be posted weekly on my facebook page.