Funded by a Wiltshire Area Board grant, this 2020 project will be much more formal than the wild Secret Garden project at St Clements but will have the same key focus - Benefits to people and wildlife with a strong educational value for volunteers and visitors to the centre. Starting in Sept 2020.

Come along to Five Rivers Health and Well-being Centre on 20th March 2020 from 7-8pm to hear me talk about the project and to become a volunteer!

NEWS: Covid-19 has affected our time line for this project so we will release new info about this as and when we know what the future looks like!

Please go to the facebook page to keep up to date - Rebecca Twigg

Can you help this project by donating some plants?

*Lambs ears (Stachys)


*Catmint (Nepeta)

*Sisyrinchium striatum




*Geranium phaeum


*Echinacea pallida

*Woody salvia

Or - get in touch if you would just like to donate some funds for shrubs or some of the other plants that are on our planting plan!