Projects for *wildlife *people *planet

I create gardens, private and public, with the future in mind. Sometimes these are community gardens and these focus on community health and happiness, planet friendly living and wildlife, in equal measures. Joining people with a common goal of looking after each other while engaging with nature is a magical combination and works wonders for a deeply connected community and deeply cared about natural world, in both urban and rural spaces close to home and further beyond.

I typically use art, literature, talks, practical demonstrations and workshops to present the wide range of planet friendly subjects as fun and engaging for everyone, all landing back in the relatable world of gardening and local wildlife species.

Learning about and ultimately protecting nature through creative thinking, is key to engaging people with a variety of perspectives and makes it much more 'grass roots' and understandable. 

No longer is sustainability a word only used by the 'woolly hat brigade' (to coin a phrase used by someone I once met), but one that every person can connect, relate and identify with day to day. My life long interests in people, art and nature help me work towards the ultimate goal of more voices who will speak up for the beautiful planet we live on and each other.

Rebecca Twigg