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Bee Trail Location List

Helpful tips to find each trail location (maps below)

There are 14 graphically illustrated signs around Salisbury city, each features a bee and the aim is to find them all. Each of the illustrated bee signs has a little bit of bee knowledge on it for you to learn and if you like you can also download my free App to add some interest/knowledge and to see the featured bee come to life in amazing AR technology! While you can just use the paper map to guide you to each illustrated bee sign, the App will also tell you a little more and give you some easy learn quizes to help you keep that bee knowledge in your memory.
The AR technology bees are really fun to see (Augmented reality or AR for short, is like a 'virtual' moving bee) so go to the links below to find and download those.

What 3 Words Coordinates

1. Tourist Information


2. Neils Yard


3. Lizzy Gardens


4. Arts Centre


5. Churchill Gardens


6. Victoria Park


7. Butts Park


8. Laverstock Shop


9. Fisherton Mill


10. Hudsons Field


11. Middle St Meadow


12. Five Rivers Leisure


13. Whitebridge Spinney Boardwalk


14. Castle Hill Country



1 - Tourist Information

On a railing outside of the Information Centre, Fish Row, SP11EJ

2 - Neal's Yard

On the wall of the outside of the building at Neal's Yard, 27 Market walk, Salisbury, SP11TL

3 - Queen Elizabeth Gardens

On the footbridge railings, by the childrens play area, Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Salisbury, SP27SR

4 - Salisbury Art Centre

On a post outside of the centre main entrance, Bedwin Street, Salisbury, SP13UR

5 - Churchill Gardens

(If going by car, park at Churchill Garden Parking, off the A36. Opposite the college)

On a railing by the river. Follow the perimeter footpath. Start with the skate park in front of you and follow the path to your left, find the sign on a railing by the riverside. SP12HS

6 - Victoria Park

On a railing near the statue by the old bowling green, Victoria Park, Salisbury, SP13NE

7 - Butts Park

On a fence opposite the childrens playpark and near the entrance to the boardwalk along the river side, (the fire station behind you, is across the road) Butts road, Salisbury, SP13RL

8 - Laverstock One Stop Shop
On the fence outside the shop, 1 Church Road, Laverstock,  SP11QS

9 - Fisherton Mill

In the Fisherton Mill yard, Fisherton st, Salisbury, SP27QY

10 - Hudsons Field

On a post near the information board, opposite the little car park, directly facing Hudsons field, (by car, turn in towards the rugby club from Castle rd and continue down to the Hudsons field car park) 291 Castle rd (A345) SP13SB

11 - Middle Street Meadow, Harnham

On an information board, by the side of the football pitch at Middle St Meadow, Middle St, Harnham, SP28LL

12 - Five Rivers Leisure Centre
On a wooden wall, outside of the centre main entrance, near the new community garden areas. SP13NR

13 - Whitebridge Spinney Boardwalk, Laverstock

On a wooden railing at one end of the Boardwalk, at the viewing platform over the ephemeral pond. There are a number of ways to get to the board walk, start at Whitebridge rd or these maps show those options. SP11NS

14 - Castle Hill Country Park

On a chalky track known as 'the ski slope' at the Country park. Try this map or try the what3words coordinates opposite for this 'off the radar' trail point! You will be glad you went; the country park is a fantastic new asset to the city and doing this bit of the bee trail will give you an opportunity for a good explore too! *Listen out for Sky Larks in Spring and Summer and of course; look out for any bees on the myriad of seasonal wildflowers. Below is an extra map of trail point at Castle Hill Country Park.

Country Hill County Park location

Download the Print-ready location list by clicking the button below.

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Virtual Bee Trail App

can be found below for Android and Apple devices.
App Tip - To see the virtual bee image fully, stand slightly back as you scan the sign with your phone. A bee, some info and a 'badge' to collect, should become visible to you. Move your phone around until you get it right!
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