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Good health

I have seen how much engagement and ownership of natural spaces really enhances and creates a powerful and lasting sense of well-being. Regardless of your life circumstances, you can feel you have a charmed life just by getting outside and looking. I certainly do!

I have always found myself driven to live by 'the peace of wild things' (to quote environmental journalist and writer Wendell Berry's wonderful poem) as this is where I feel complete. Nature's restful pace and constancy has always been an inspiration to me and a lifeline through tougher times.
Most of all nature has taught me to seek out true beauty and peace wherever I go and that has taken centre stage in my world, over the years; both in a working and personal sense. 
By our very nature, we all need that natural connection in the most fundamental way. There is no better way to reset your inner compass than to be under the sky noticing the small wonders of the world, travelling with the constancy of its rhythm and knowing its faithful presence. All wanderers of the land will know the kind of peace I am talking about, ask them and they will tell you the same thing.

I would go further than that too, and that is to say I  firmly believe that you can be really beautiful inside and out, just by being in closer proximity to beauty, the beauty of the natural world.

A critical time

Nature also needs us at this critical time of change too, so in my working life I have made it my goal to borrow and share all of that outdoor magic with others.
I create gently educational projects that benefit both people and nature and with that mutual investment, both can reap the rewards. 
Igniting a spark of excitement that opens up a world of inner well being and outer wonder in people, is an incredible thing to watch and I love to facilitate this through my varied outdoor focussed activities.


I promote the discovery and fascination with all things wild and wonderful and am certain that this is the very best safe guard we have for the future of nature and our own good health.

Taking an active role in the world outside, be it walking, gardening or bird spotting, is not only an investment in our natural world, but by extension; it is an investment in protecting ourselves in the most crucial way.

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