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About this brand new collaborative project for 2019..

Introducing 'Wanderers in the New Forest'. A collaboration workshop with my good friend Jane Coombes, paying homage to the iconic book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. In these day long workshops we take you to walk in the author's gentle footsteps, to talk about her life and love of wild plants and the healing value she found in them.

This workshop is a response to our mutual passions for plants and Folklore, the New Forest and of course the book! We are very excited to offer these wild wandering day workshops to you from Summer 2019.

Jane 1.jpeg
Jane Coombes - Wanderers partner and workshop leader

Jane grew up in the New Forest, spending time seeing small

worlds in frozen ponds, having caterpillar races with her brother and kicking off her shoes to jump in cowpats as often as she could! One of her closest friends was part of a gypsy family living on Hyde
Common, and together they explored the Forest on horseback,
stopping off to swim in Latchmore Brook near Abbots Well, home of
Juliette of the Herbs. From an early age, Jane envied the freedom

and the knowledge of plants, trees and nature that was second
nature to her friend.

Now a social anthropologist, Jane has a passion for learning about
the traditional ways and the folklore of the people of the New Forest. 

Simons pic - christmas walk 2018.jpg
Becky Twigg - Wanderers workshop leader

Did you ever feel like things move really fast in life and you would love to just slow right down?

Allowing yourself some Coddiwomple time may really help and we aim to provide lots of space and time to do exactly that.

(Coddiwomple - 'to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination')

The nurturing of our internal world is so important, but we often forget to feed that world inside of us, the place where contentment flourishes.

One of the things that walking does is give us time and space to really slow down and cherish that important part of ourselves. The benefits of this are often felt instantly, they are deep reaching and leave a permanent and lasting sense of  peace.

We hope that by the end of one of our day long workshops, you will understand the phrase 'Not all who wander, are aimless'.

Click here for all workshop options.

simons pic - welly walk christmas 2018.j

Photo - Guy Whitworth

Photo - Mel Bray

Photo - Simon Parker

Abbotts Well.jpg

Abbotts Well - By Jane Coombes

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