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Salisbury Bee Trail

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This is my award winning interactive trail, which allows you to learn about wild bee species, while exploring Salisbury city. This trail won a 'Bees Needs' award at Kew Gardens in 2017 for an innovative way to educate about wild pollinators and includes Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Update - This trail including the free accompanying App, is being updated for a second launch in 2021, get updates as they happen by connecting with me on social media and scroll down for additional links and info for each species in the trail...

You can also read my 5 essential tips for bees here.

1. Andrena fulva 

2. Bombus hortorum

3. Anthidium manicatum

4. Anthophora plumipes

5. Osmia bicolor

6. Some bee science (Identifying pollinators)

7. Crysis ignita

8. Andrena cineraria

9. Megachile centuncularis

10. Volucella bombylans

11. The Nomada species

12. Colletes hederae

13. Bombus pascuorum

14. Six spot burnet moth (a pollinator wild card, in the trail!)